Fire risk assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

A Fire Risk Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of all hazards on a premises that could cause a fire together with all risks that could enable any fire to develop and spread. It will also detail how many persons could, potentially, be affected by any fire that might occur; as well as the nature of those persons (e.g. disabled, young persons etc.).

An assessment will also be made of the documented procedures to be followed in the event of any fire incident, together with the level of training and practice. Ultimately, the document will assess the likelihood of any fire occurring together with the potential impact on the building and its occupants.

Any areas requiring improvement will be highlighted in a prioritised Action Plan followed-up by regular reviews.

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fire safety training

Fire Safety Training

There is a statutory requirement for businesses to provide all personnel with instructions and training in the emergency procedures to be followed in the event of any fire incident. This should take place as part of a general induction training program as soon as practicable following employment of the individual.

A Fire Risk Assessment might have identified a need for a number of personnel to be appointed as Fire Wardens and/or Fire Marshals with specific responsibilities at the time of a fire incident. These individuals will require specialised training in order that they fully understand their roles and responsibilities.

Although there is no statutory requirement, it could be considered beneficial to provide all members of staff with training and instruction in understanding all the hazards and risks associated with fire. In other words; how fires can be started and allowed to develop.

DB Fire Safety provide in-house training for Fire Wardens and Fire Marshals as well as online courses that can be of value as refresher training. We also can provide training courses in general Fire Safety Awareness that can be carried out on your premises or via online E-Learning modular courses.

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online fire training

Online Fire Training

We are delighted to be able to offer a wide range of online E-Learning courses that can be completed by individuals in modular segments.

These include courses in general Fire Safety Awareness and for Fire Wardens. We also have specialised courses for those personnel working in residential care homes.

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About DB Fire Safety Limited

I established DB Fire Safety Limited in November 2013 after having operated for two years as an independent fire safety consultant, and with over 25 years experience in the fire safety industry.

As the Managing Director of DB Fire Safety, I now over 30 years experience and am a fully qualified fire risk assessor, with accreditation on The Institute of Fire Safety Managers 'Register of Competent Fire Risk Assessors'.

Based from my Peterborough office, I serve clients throughout England and Wales; including London, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Hertfordshire, Essex, and Bedfordshire. I fully understand the difficulties you may find in navigating your way through the minefield that is fire safety legislation, and my guiding principal is to act as 'your partner for fire safety'.

The support that I provide is totally independent of any other commercial interests other than the ability to carry out your fire risk assessment and the opportunity to train you and your staff in fire safety awareness and, if deemed necessary, as fire marshals.

In addition to offices and factories, I specialise in carrying out fire risk assessments of residential care homes, schools, and blocks of flats. I also work with building contractors and architects in helping develop Fire Strategies for buildings under construction and/or renovation.