Fire Risk Assessments


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that all businesses and  organisations must carry out a fire risk assessment. This legislation applies to all businesses and organisations regardless of type or size.

The fire risk assessment must comprise a recorded document:

a) if you employ five or more people

b) if there is a licence in force

c) if an Alterations Notice requires you to do so



A fire risk assessment will assess the risk of a fire occurring, the hazards present that may impact on fire-spread and will highlight any issues that need to be addressed.

The issues that will be considered will include:

  • people present – maximum potential
  • fire risks
  • fire hazards
  • fire compartmentation
  • escape routes
  • fire safety signage
  • fire protection measures in place
  • fire detection & warning systems in place
  • staff training
  • existing fire procedures



As an experienced and qualified fire risk assessor, I can carry out your fire risk assessment and will provide you with a comprehensive document that identifies all potential sources of ignition, risks that could increase the spread of fire and any/all fire safety measures that may be in place.

The fire risk assessment will highlight any deficiencies and/or any issues that require attention. Using a simple traffice-light system, the document is user-friendly with all issues rated in accordance with priority based solely on their impact on life safety. All issues requiring attention are summarised in a prioritised format at the end of the fire risk assessment document – together with any photographs required to assist in identifying areas of concern.

PLEASE NOTE: Once we have carried out your fire risk assessment, you  automatically qualify for our FREE on-line consultancy services for 12 months.

Fire Risk Assessment Reviews

It is important to remember that a fire risk assessment must be reviewed regularly. Legislation does not define the term ‘regularly’; however, the guidelines are that a review should take place at least annually. OR:

  • If there are any changes to the activities taking place in the building
  • Any changes to the internal structure of the building
  • Any changes to the occupancy – or nature of the occupancy
    • This may include employement of a pregnant member of staff or a member of staff with a severe physical, hearing, or visual impairment

Fire Strategy

You may be intending to, or be in the process to, extend your premises or completely re-structure your existing premises. In these cases you may be required to submit a Fire Strategy Document for planning purposes. This is another area in which I would be able to help. The development and creation of fire strategy documents is an area in which I have a good deal of experience and have helped a number of businesses satisfy the requirements of Building Control and the Fire Authorities.


Costs for a fire risk assessment, or a review, are based on the size of property and the complexities involved.