Fire Extinguishers



Fire Safety Legislation requires that you are required to provide ‘the appropriate means for fighting fire as is suitable and reasonable’. Invariably this means that you are required to install Portable Fire Extinguishers as required at appropriate locations.

When deciding which extinguishers to install, it is vital to take advice from industry professionals who will take account of all risks present. It is also useful to be aware, yourself, of the different types of fire extinguishers that are available.

The following provides a basic guide to the various types of extinguishers and their capabilities.



It is a requirement of British Standards that all portable fire appliances are subject to an appropriate maintenance programme. This will usually entail one routine maintenance visit per annum.

In addition, however, the user needs to inspect all extinguishers on a regular basis to ensure that they are all in their correct location and that there is no evidence of tampering or loss of pressure.

All inspections and maintenance should be recorded in a Fire Log Book.


I can carry out a survey to determine your requirements for portable fire appliances.

This could form part of your Fire Risk Assessment.

DB Fire Safety can help source portable fire appliances at extremely competitive prices


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