Fire Doors


It is a legal and mandatory requirement to carry out regular inspections of fire doors in order to ensure compliance with safety regulations and British Standards. Failure to comply with regulations could result in fines, and might void insurance.

Inspections are required to help identify any issues or deficiencies that could compromises the integrity and efficacy of the door during a developing fire.

There are two main ratings for fire doors:

FD30 (half-hour fire rated)

FD60 (one-hour fire rated

All fire rated doors must be installed using appropriate fire-rated hinges and are likely to require intumescent strips & cold smoke seals. Seals can be inserted into either the door or frame as deemed necessary.

Where appropriate, self-closers might also be required.

It is perfectly legitimate to hold open fire doors as long as the device holding the door open can release automatically when the fire alarm activates.

A comprehensive inspection of all doors should carried out at least annually; along with regular maintenance of all door closers fitted.

Potential faults

The following issues can be identified as faults when carrying out a comprehensive inspection of fire doors:

  • hinges that are not fire rated
  • frames that are damaged
  • intumescent strips & cold smoke seals not fitted as appropriate
  • holes in doors
  • excessive gaps between doors and frames
  • closers that fail to freely & fully shut the door

Inspection fee

DB Fire Safety are qualified to carry out comprehensive inspections of fire doors. Our charge is entirely dependent on the approximate number of doors to be inspected.

Our inspection reports are detailed with photographic evidence.

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