Fire Risk Assessments in Residential Care Homes

DB Fire Safety Limited is an independent fire safety consultancy that specialises in carrying out fire risk assessments in residential care homes.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to all types of commercial premises in England and Wales, including all residential care homes. The Fire safety Order requires that all residential care homes have a current Fire Risk Assessment that must be carried out by a competent person and be documented.

All persons carrying out official inspections (e.g. Fire Officers or CQC inspectors) will expect to see a suitable and sufficiently comprehensive assessment of all the hazards, risks and control measures within the premises; as well as details of the level and nature of the occupancy.

DB Fire Safety Limited specialises in carrying out fire risk assessments in residential care homes throughout England and Wales. Our fire risk assessments clearly identify all the hazards and risks within the premises; details of the occupancy; and a comprehensive assessment of the emergency procedures, control measures, and business continuity plans.

In addition to helping owners of individual premises, we are proud to be involved with groups of care homes with premises from the North of England down to the south coast.

As a result of us not being involved in supplying or maintaining extinguishers or fire alarm systems, you can always be confident in a completely honest appraisal of the fire hazards and risks on your premises.

In addition to carrying out fire risk assessments, we also provide specialist training courses for staff working in residential care homes.

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