Fire Alarm Systems


Fire Safety Legislation requires that all premises must have the means for raising an alarm to notify occupants in the event of a fire. It also requires that an automatic fire detection system may be required if deemed necessary by the Fire Risk Assessment.

There are many types of Fire Alarm system available in today’s market place and there are a number of categories of design in accordance with the requirements of British Standards BS5839-1:2002+A2:2008 for commercial premises. British Standards BS5839-6 applies to residential property.

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British Standards BS5839-1:2002+A2:2008 defines the following categories of fire alarm system:

M      Manual Alarm call-points only with no automatic fire detection

L1     Automatic fire detection in all areas of the building: plus Manual

L2     Automatic fire detection as per L3 plus any other areas determined to have a high fire risk: plus Manual

L3     Automatic fire detection as per L4 plus all rooms or areas leading onto an escape route: plus Manual

L4     Automatic fire detection in all escape routes (i.e. corridors & stairways): plus Manual

L5     A system that is designed for a specific Fire Safety Strategy (that does not conform to any of the above)


It is a requirement of British Standards that all fire alarm systems are subject to an appropriate maintenance programme. This will usually entail a minimum of two routine maintenance visits per annum no greater than six-months apart.

In addition, the user needs to test the system on a weekly basis by simulating activation of a manual call-point.

These should be tested in rotation.

All testing and maintenance should be recorded in a Fire Log Book.


I can carry out a survey to determine your requirements for a fire alarm system independent of a fire alarm supply company.

This survey could also form part of your Fire Risk Assessment and determine the category of fire alarm system required.

I can also help in sourcing suitable and competent system installation companies where necessary or required.


For more information EMAIL: or PHONE 0800 772 0559

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