The Responsible Person


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that all businesses and  organisations must appoint a Responsible Person. Where businesses operate out of a number of geographical offices – each building requires its own dedicated Responsible Person to be appointed.

This person is tasked to ensure that all necessary requirements and responsibilities laid down in the Fire Safety Order are met. These include:

  •     Ensuring the Fire Risk Assessment is current and up-to-date
  •     Ensuring that the appropriate level of fire protection is provided
  •     Ensuring that all fire safety provisions are appropriately maintained
  •     Ensuring that there is a suitable set of Fire Procedures in place
  •     Ensuring that there are suitable & sufficient safe fire evacuation exits, that all evacuation routes are clear of obstruction and that all final exit doors open with ease
  •     Ensuring that there is sufficient emergency lighting for safe evacuation from the building
  •     Ensuring that all staff receive the appropriate level of training


The responsibilities can be onerous and can often take up more time than is allocated. Never mind – you can always delegate some of the responsibilities to ‘Deputies’ as defined in legislation.



I can take on the role of your Responsible Person by tending to all the major issues regarding your Fire Safety.
This would include carrying out your Fire Risk Assessment,  training staff, and working with you to ensure that the appropriate level of fire safety provision was in place.I could help in sourcing suitable and competent service providers where necessary or required.


My fee for taking on the role of your Responsible Person would be based on the size & numbers of property and
the complexities involved.

For more information: EMAIL:
OR PHONE 0800 772 0559

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