Fire Warden Training


Depending on the size of the premises and the number of staff, there is likely to be a requirement for some personnel to receive specialist training in the role of fire warden. In other words, personnel that will have particular duties to perform in the event of a fire emergency.

DB Fire Safety provides training courses for fire wardens – and these will normally take place on your own premises.

Where requested, and if the location is suitable, these courses may include use of fire extinguishers on live fires in a controlled environment.


Because not all business and premises are identical, all our fire warden courses are bespoke –

(i.e. tailored to meet your specific requirements)

However, the following is a summary of the issues discussed during any course

  •      fire safety legislation
  •     what is fire
  •     fire hazards
  •     fire extinguishers
  •     fire alarm systems
  •     emergency lighting
  •     fire safety signage
  •     means of escape
  •     fire procedures
  •     evacuation drills
  •     role of fire warden
  •     questions & course critique


Costs for a fire warden training course will generally be based on the number of delegates attending the course.


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