Fire Risk Assessment For Residential Care Homes

DB Fire Safety Limited has been awarded the responsibility of providing fire risk assessments for over 30 Residential Care Homes in the Midlands.

Residential Care Homes are subject to the Fire Safety Order and also inspections by The Care Quality Commission to fulfil their responsibilities to their residents in the event of a fire emergency.

Training and preparation are crucial for Residential Care Homes. Staff fire training must include ensuring that all residents can escape safely without the assistance of the Fire & Rescue services. Procedures must take into account that the residents could have restricted mobility  (either utilising wheelchairs, walkers or sticks).  Another point to remember is that residents may also have mental health issues such as dementia.

When carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment at a Residential Care Home, the following will be considered:

  • Is an emergency fire strategy in place?
  • Is there adequate evacuation equipment in place in the event of an emergency and is the evacuation equipment fit for purpose?
  • Have residents with special needs been considered?
  • Have the staff a clear knowledge and understanding of the fire safety procedures?
  • Have the staff a clean knowledge and understanding of manual handling techniques?
  • Have residents, visitors and staff been made aware of the fire escape routes?
  • Residential Care Homes must have an accurate and comprehensive Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) in place for each and every resident.
  • In the event of an emergency evacuation plan, is there an adequate place of safe shelter available?

DB Fire Safety Limited is looking forward to taking on the responsibility of providing Fire Risk Assessments on behalf of Residential Care Homes.