Barbeque Fire Safety Advice

It’s hot and sunny and it’s barbeque time. Summer 2016 has finally arrived. Forecasters are reporting that we could well be enjoying two weeks’ of sunshine.  With temperatures rising to 30 degrees, Britain is on its way to exceeding the temperature in Nairobi.

Not to put dampener on this, DB Fire Safety would like to share some advice in respect of staying safe – barbeque Barbequewise.

Barbeque fires are usually caused when hot ash and coal are not discarded correctly.   As we have previously warned in this blog, fire can spread very quickly. Imagine the scenario of hot, discarded charcoal in a typical waste bin.  The bin will easily catch fire and the fire could quickly spread to a nearby fence and shrubs. Your neighbour’s property could now be involved.

The fire service has given the following advice to keep barbeques safe:

  • Disposable barbeques.  Yes, they are disposable but only when the coals are completely cold.  Only then can they can be thrown away safely.
  • Before lighting your barbeque, find a clear, level area on which to set up, making absolutely sure that it will not tip over.
  • How many times have we seen this stupidity – lighting a barbeque with petrol or paraffin.  Only use approved Waiting For A Burgerbarbeque fuel or firelighters.
  • Keep barbeques well away from the house, shed, fences, garden furniture or overhanging trees and shrubs
  • Keep control of your pets – the burgers will smell very tasty but the barbeque could be tipped over by hungry pets taking an interest in the mouth-watering treats.
  • Your barbeque should never be left unattended.
  • Last, but by no means, least, when the food has been cooked and enjoyed and the festivity is over, remember to empty any spent ash on to bare soil, not into a dustbin.

Peterborough-based DB Fire Safety would like you to enjoy your alfresco dining….. but safely.

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