It’s time for a clean sweep now Autumn is upon us

David Black, of DB Fire Safety Limited, is urging people with open fires to arrange for a clean sweep now that Autumn is upon us.

Chimney fires accounted for more than 5,000 chimney fires across England during 2014/15,  Wood burners or an open fire are a very nice way to keep warm in the winter months but without proper maintenance they can become a fire hazard.

These fires could have been prevented and this is the reason why DB Fire Safety is anxious to urge people to get their chimneys swept by a registered sweep to prevent chimney damage or fire.

Chimney Sweep

All chimneys and flues should be cleaned and checked to ensure that they are free from debris and are in good working order before the winter months set in.  A blocked or defective chimney can cause chimney fires and, in some cases, carbon monoxide poisoning.   DB Fire Safety Limited strongly advise that it is essential to employ a professional and a qualified chimney sweep to carry out this work.

The general recommendation is that chimneys should be swept as follows:

  • Wood – up to four times a year
  • Oil – once a year
  • Gas – once a year
  • Coal – at least once a year

If you want to be safe from fire, then it’s time for a clean sweep.

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