“Remember, Remember the 5th of November” – Bonfire Night Safety Advice

Bonfire Night, will soon be upon us and celebrated in the customary style of  firework displays and lighting bonfires together with the burning of Guy Fawkes ‘effigies. An age-old tradition is for children to display their guys made from old clothes and sacking and to ask “A penny for the guy”.

Guy Fawkes’ planned to kill King James I and to restore a Catholic monarch to the throne. On the 5th November 1605, he was caught in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament along with several dozen barrels of gunpowder.  He and his co-conspirators were tried as traitors for plotting against the Government. Guy Fawkes was tried by Judge Popham and was sentenced to death by being hung, drawn and quartered.  This form of execution is unimaginable in this day and age but reflected the serious nature of the crime of treason.

Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot…

Interesting fact to note is that until 1959, it was illegal not to celebrate Bonfire Night in the UK!!


If you are planning Bonfire Night celebrations with the lighting of a bonfire and setting off fireworks, David of DB Fire Safety would like to offer some advice to help keep you and your family safe.

Care must be taken when letting off fireworks.  It’s probably best to assign just a couple of people who will take on this responsibility.  It goes without saying that it’s not a good idea to smoke near where the fireworks are being stored or handled.  All fireworks should be contained in a secure box (well away from the bonfire) until they are ready to be used. Another good idea is to have a bucket of water or sand, or even a Fire Blanket, close at hand.

Prior to the event, it’s advisable to read the instructions written on each of the fireworks and re-read them once again just before setting them off – probably a good idea is to have a torch handy.  Make sure that the wind and the angle of the fireworks is away from spectators.

If your celebration is an organised event, then a device called a Portfire is advised to be used to light each display. These are ideal for lighting fireworks quickly and safely, they burn with a small flame and light a firework fuse without fuss whatever the weather. Never use matches or lighters for lighting fireworks at a display. If the weather turns windy, it’s advised that the event is cancelled.

Whether a family event or an organised event, if a firework fails to go off do not be tempted to go back because it could be still live and explode in your face. Leave at least half an hour before you return to the firework.  At no time should you consider lighting the bonfire with flammable liquids such as paraffin or petrol.


Before lighting the bonfire, check to make sure that there are no animals such as hedgehogs inside; and don’t burn dangerous items such as aerosols, paint tins or foam-filled furniture.

At the end of the event, ensure the bonfire is extinguished before leaving the venue – or retiring to bed.

FINALLY….please don’t forget your pets – make sure that they are tucked up safe and sound indoors throughout the entirety of the event.

DB Fire Safety would like to take this opportunity of wishing you and your family a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night.

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